Steve Wyrick extented at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City

Cutting-edge illusionist Steve Wyrick, who makes a full-sized Piper Cherokee 180 appear on stage nightly at Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget, won’t be vanishing into thin air anytime soon. Because of the popularity of his show, he has magically turned an initial six-week limited engagement into one that will run through April 29th.


“The Golden Nugget has been so fantastic to me and it’s such a beautiful hotel,” Wyrick says. “The most amazing thing about performing in the intimate 500-seat showroom is that the audience is so close to the magic. Even in the last row, people are only 40 feet from the stage. The most fun I have is making the airplane appear on stage and knowing that the people in the front row can actually stand up, lean forward, and touch the end of the wing. They’re so close that I can hear their comments and see their jaws dropping. The intimacy has given me a whole different perspective. There’s no separation between the audience and the stage.”


Calling Wyrick “a great, amazing illusionist,” Golden Nugget Executive Vice President and General Manager Tom Pohlman said that they were extending Wyrick’s show due to popular demand. He added that the hotel and Wyrick started with a six-week run and that the illusionist has been “so popular and so well-liked that he would be a great fit for them to go even longer.”


Wyrick has appeared in the beachfront casino community before. He thrilled audiences in Harrah’s concert venue with his mind-blowing illusions and laid-back style.