Thanks to the world of big-budget major motion pictures and high-end music videos, the public has become accustomed to seeing anything that can be conceived of on screen via CGI (Computer Generated Images) technology or visually enhanced computer animation. One of the major challenges facing recording artists today is capturing the audience’s imagination in a live performance by recreating epic scenes from their music videos to which their fans have grown emotionally attached. Recreating the special EFX from a music video and adapting them to a live concert tour or awards show application is one of the things that Steve Wyrick and his engineering team specialize in. With their more than 20 years of live show experience, they can achieve virtually anything.

Imagine seeing an artist magically appear out of a virtual 3-D image of himself or herself at the beginning of the concert or watching the star disappear in a cloud of smoke after the encore. Or picture the performer vanishing on stage and reappearing on a satellite stage in the center of the arena or stadium, singing his or her biggest hit surrounded 360 degrees by fans.

The Wyrick engineering team has created a special technology called “Wondersync®” that provides many different practical applications for live performance. Imagine watching a video during the opening of a concert in which the celebrity is driving a custom chopper, Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron or even the artist’s own vehicle seen in his or her music video or flying in a Lear Jet 35 or an AS350 helicopter. Then, in an empty space or within a choreographed dance number, an LED monitor or a piece of the LED wall from the stage set lowers from the lighting grid and the sports car or chopper drives off the video wall or the jet or helicopter lands and appears on stage – from video to real life simultaneously through the magic of “Wondersync®.” The computer software technology and illusion technology work in tandem to create epic visuals that will complement the most elaborate concert tour or televised special. The sports cars and aircraft are all permitted for entertainment stage usage, are modular in design, and fit on industry standard touring racks for easy transportation in concert show trucks.

Steve Wyrick and his engineering team offer a boutique celebrity-friendly turn-key experience. They specialize in taking on challenging time frames associated with the music and television industry and the demanding schedule of celebrities. In most cases, they will fly to the location to meet with the artist and manager to discuss the celebrity’s vision of the effect or concept desired to be incorporated within a live tour or network awards show appearance. Possessing the ability to assist with the creative process or to completely create, design, and provide concept-illustrated storyboards, Wyrick and his team will provide construction drawings and commence fabrication once the storyboards receive production approval, They will help guide the artist and manager by providing options that can easily interface with time frames, touring capabilities, logistics and budget.

Network awards shows have provided a global platform for exposure and a competitive arena for artists to push the limits of special EFX in live performance. Pulling from Wyrick’s vast 20,000-square-foot Las Vegas warehouse of existing in-house effects, illusions, and technology, the Wyrick team can provide creative solutions for seemingly impossible production schedules. Or if time permits, they can design, engineer, and develop an artist’s entire tour, special EFX, or awards show appearance segment from the ground up.

Dealing with the complexities of an awards show appearance can be challenging. Wyrick and his team offer a turn-key service that includes an on-location consultation with the celebrity and manager and identifying and interacting with the production designer’s specific needs while ensuring that the integrity of the artist’s vision is never lost. With Wyrick’s on-site team, the segment will be staged, blocked, rehearsed, and integrated into the dynamics of a smooth-running live broadcast. They will work together with the artist, his or her management, network producers, and technical directors, providing the specialized equipment and technical support staff so that the entertainer can relax and rely on the Wyrick brand’s 20 years of experience-driven expertise, allowing that star to focus on giving the performance of a lifetime.

Steve Wyrick and his team have designed and created illusions and special EFX for some of the biggest names in entertainment, from comedians to celebrity DJs, and even other illusionists. David Copperfield uses an illusion in his show co-created and first performed by Steve Wyrick. The musical artists Steve and company have worked with cross many music genres from the iconic Notorious B.I.G. to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

The Steve Wyrick team looks forward to helping you achieve your vision for a most memorable performance. To contact the Wyrick Concert and Theatrical Design Department, click here.