Steve Wyrick has inspired, informed, challenged, and entertained corporate audiences for over 20 years, from the boardrooms of multinational corporations to the locker rooms of world-class athletes to the meeting rooms of thousands of conventioneers throughout the world. Some companies in the private sector have requested Steve to perform at corporate galas and corporate leadership seminars, and even to be the keynote speaker, while other companies have partnered with him for product brand launches.

Ford Motor Company challenged Steve and his team to assist in creating the product launch for the 2010 Mustang. The project was called “The 10 Unleashed” and aired on and as a series of webisodes. Ten individuals were chosen to unleash their inner Mustang, including Queen Latifah and Steve Wyrick. Steve and his team identified the Mustang’s most compelling attributes and combined them with a never-before-seen epic magic stunt that allowed Ford to set the stage for a major integrated marketing campaign to drive sales.

Hooters of America, the iconic restaurant chain, contacted Steve Wyrick to be the first celebrity entertainer to perform on the Hooters Annual International Swimsuit Pageant on Fox Sports 1 television network. Steve consulted with the head of Brand Development for Hooters of America and created an original multimedia illusion in which he took “sawing a woman in half” to new technological levels. For the first time in history, the separated body parts (head and torso and legs and feet) could be examined up close by an audience member. Audrina Patridge, star of MTV’s The Hills and NBC’s First Look, checked them out and could not believe what she was seeing, exclaiming “It’s like real!” For the ultimate finale to the illusion, Steve reassembled the girl and morphed her clothing into the iconic Hooters uniform.

One of Steve’s most unusual corporate challenges was a project for the Sally Beauty Supply Company. He and his team designed and created an educational television commercial that played during a series of 50 thirty-minute performances in a classroom setting. In those performances, Steve used magic to visually illustrate and educate thousands of store managers from all over the United States about 63 different beauty products in a two-day period.

A mainstay in corporate entertainment is an elaborate appearance or “reveal” of the chief executive officer, key executives, or top sales team members. Clients can choose from our extensive line of special EFX and in-house magic illusion reveal rentals, including a Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, an AS350 helicopter, and a Lear Jet 35, from our 20,000-square-foot Las Vegas warehouse.

The Wyrick engineering team has created a special technology called “Wondersync®” that provides many different practical applications for live performance. Imagine watching a video during a corporate event in which the CEO is driving a custom chopper, Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron, or even flying in on a Lear Jet 35 or an AS350 helicopter. Then, in an empty space or within a choreographed dance number, an LED monitor or a piece of the LED wall from the stage set lowers from the lighting grid and the sports car or chopper drives off the video wall or the jet or helicopter lands and appears on stage – from video to real life simultaneously through the magic of “Wondersync®.

The “Wondersync®” computer software technology and illusion technology work in tandem to create epic visuals that will complement the most elaborate corporate event. The sports cars and aircraft are all are permitted for entertainment stage usage and are modular in design, fitting on industry standard touring racks for easy transportation in show trucks

Imagine your company event attendees sitting down for a general session or your yearly awards presentation and, following a spectacular light show, a Lear Jet 35 suddenly appears on stage custom-wrapped with your company’s branding or logo or the new launch identity package of an anticipated product. The stairs of the jet lower and the CEO and executive staff emerge. Corporate reveals can be totally customized and created from the ground up around a product, service or technology.

Visualize Fed Ex company employees trained to assist with the illusion dressed in their delivery uniforms, moving shipping boxes around the stage. Then, out of nowhere, a real full-sized Fed Ex truck appears – with the CEO driving it. Or the Budweiser delivery men or women are on stage as a 24-foot-long beer truck magically materializes and the sides open and the top salespeople of the year step out. Or perhaps your company has a campaign launching using a key identifiable vehicle like a vintage Hidden Valley Ranch delivery truck. We can accommodate virtually any request from the smallest illusion, such as making the new Presidential Rolex appear, to manifesting a 747 jumbo jet!

Team building can be a powerful way to unite a group and develop strengths. Using a blend of magic and humor, Steve will build trust and increase interdependence, problem-solving ability, and creativity in your team. As a keynote speaker or seminar leader, Steve’s exciting message about leadership, goals, strategy, creativity, and success will result in immediate change and long-term results. Steve Wyrick’s life itself is a true testament to the power of positive thinking and infinite human potential.

Steve Wyrick uses magic as a strategic methodology designed to enhance business performance and deliver measureable business outcomes. By having an intimate understanding of how you function as a business and possessing the ability to build upon the market dynamics of your industry, he is able to dissect your sustainable point of differentiation and tell your story through magic.

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