Color Monte


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Follow the card trick where you tell the spectator to keep an eye on the blue card, which is elusive and hard to find. Three cards are shown, two have a red spot and one has a blue spot. You explain that if the spectator can find the blue spot he wins a dollar. If he can’t, he loses a dollar. Try though he might, the spectator can only find a red card (because now all of the cards are shown to be red). Then the bottom card of the three is shown to be blue. And, suddenly the top card is also blue, and unbelievably a blue card is also in the center. Are you using more than three cards – no. So to be fair, you give the spectator a final chance to get even. Double or nothing. At this point the spectator has guessed incorrectly seven times, owing you seven dollars. You choose one card with a blue spot and another with a red spot. If the spectator can guess the color of the third card, he is told everything will be even. No matter what the spectator guesses, he is proven wrong. The last card that he turns over has $14 printed on it, which is the amount of money you are owed.